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Meet the team

With more than 15 years of experience in web development PrestaHeroes team is now at your service. We offer you any kind of services regarding your Prestashop development needs. Take advantage of our expertise in Prestashop and general programming, online marketing and our ingenuity in solving situations. Now meet some of our team members:

  • Luz Piedad (CEO)

    Has created a 'best in class' team of IT experts with far ranging talents. Motto "PrestaHeroes measures success by not having a fail rate". I take all the credit!.

  • El Patron

    A true leader, a legend on the PrestaShop forum community since 2011. Brings 25 years of IBM mainframe experience to the PrestaShop eco. Consultant to the stars of ecommerce.

  • Laza

    Moderator Razro on PrestaShop forum. Certified PrestaShop Developer. Highly skilled in all things PrestShop with deep knowledge of server side configurations. Senior hero at PrestaHeroes.

  • Mohamadou

    PrestaShop Ambassador Senegal. Fast, efficient and with great attention to detail, he always finds the best way to get the job done.

  • Fabrizio

    If you view PrestaShop as a canvas, Fabrzio is the one who will create a true work of art.
    Front End Design